Ryuk is a Shinigami in the series, Death Note. He has these, like, freaky-ass yellow eyes with red irises. His mouth is huge, so it looks like he's always smiling. He's kind of like The Joker that way. His head looks tiny compared to the rest of his freakishly tall body. Needless to say, he isn't all that popular with the girls.

So, anyway, Ryuk was bored. He dropped a supernatural notebook outside of an equally bored high school student's school. Light Imagay saw it fall from the sky and decided to retrieve the fucking thing.

Ryuk's mission was then accomplished. He now had a pet, and what an adorable pet Imagay proved to be. So cute, how he attempted to rid the world of scum and be the God of the New World.

Or something.

Ryuk was enraptured with the way Light ate his potato chips, guiltlessly killed so many people, jacked off to soft core porn, and indulged in the joys of Spaceland. It was an intelligent move for the Shinigami, to drop his Death Note in the human world. This definitely proved to be much more fun than trying to seduce Rem, who everyone knows is a lesbian. That didn't stop those horny Shinigami, though.


Back to the story.

Yeah, so, some epic shit went down after L died at the Yellow Box Warehouse. Wait...what the fuck? Is that a misplaced modifier? Sorry. Shit went down at the Yellow Box Warehouse after L had died. That should clear up any confusion.

So, Mikami stabbed himself with a pen or something and bled all over the fucking place. Ryuk didn't like being left out of the fun, so after Light left the warehouse, stumbling 'n shit 'cause Matsuda shot him and all, Ryuk decided to kill Lighto for the lulz.

Light...like, died on the stairs, or something. It was pretty epic.

It probably sucked for Ryuk more than it sucked for Light. Ryuk could no longer be entertained by his beloved pet, as his pet was dead. And not moving. And just not fun anymore.


By that time, Rem was dead, too. She like, turned into dust...or something. But that meant that Ryuk couldn't continue his quest to seduce the unseduceable.

Poor Ryuk was left petless and sexually frustrated. He had also run out of those Granny Smiths that Light had always provided for him, which sucked. A lot.

Ryuk, utterly depressed, floated back to the Shinigami Realm to take part in borderline gay activities with his fellow Shinigami.

And that was the end of that.
Ryuk lived a lonely life. :'(
by L's Pocky January 19, 2009
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Ryuk is a shinigami in the anime series Death Note. Undoubtedly the coolest shinigami, ever.
Ryuk is cooler than Rem.
by OhEmAshlee October 10, 2010
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A guy that eats too many apples but also a character in death note.
by hhhhhhhhgggggjjjjj October 1, 2018
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Ryuk is the type of guy EVERYONE would love to have in their lives. he’s shy at first, but once you get to know him you discover a whole another <beautiful> world and I promise you you won’t want to get out of it. Ryuk cares a lot about his friends and family and he would definitely do anything for them. sometimes he’s harsh on himself, sometimes he thinks he could’ve done way better than he did before, but in reality he doesn’t realize how much passion and dedication he puts into everything he does, starting from the smallest things, and he’s truly appreciated for that. he’s so sweetly compassionate that he finds beauty in every little thing around him and everyone will love him as soon as they meet him. not as much as Shiori does tho, that’s impossible.
by Shiori November 3, 2020
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Ryuk is a shinigami who appears in the anime Death Note. He loves apples. A lot.
"Ryuk is best waifu"
"OMG you ate all my apples! You are such a Ryuk.."
by DragonEYe December 11, 2021
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lipbite deathnote 🙋 ♀️, he’s a evil monster thing, who kinda finnee- anyway, he goes down to earth and drops his death note and light picks it up.
Ryuk is hot 👩🏽 🍼
by Ryukhotty April 29, 2021
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Also known as "Ryan Kwan" is a famous osu! Player mostly known for his online personality and being memed on while also being an osu! Top player
Person 1: "Have you heard of RyuK"
Person 2: "Oh that Kwan Grindset guy, i know him!"
by Nugget_osu(alt) July 7, 2022
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