Misa is an amazing girl who never stops smiling. She is beautiful in and out and is the most confident person. She is a loyal friend and she is the type of friend that you never want to lose. She can be quirky and awkward but is always funny and can make you laugh. She is sporty but is also a girly girl. She is a shortie. She is shy until you get to know her but once you do get to know her, she is the best you can get. She will always have your back no matter what. She is gorgeous and just such an amazing girl. Never let her go as a friend, because you will be sorry.
Wow, Misa is such an amazing friend.”
by abestfriendofarimisaella July 9, 2018
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A beautiful girl who all the other girls hate on because they can't get dudes like she can;

One of the coolest people you will ever meet in your life... Like ever.

A girl who has her own taste and style, very original/unique.

The sexiest girl to walk the face of the earth.

A girl that all the guys want and all the girls want to be.

Also known as 'the shit', point blank period.
*Misa walks by*

Guy 1: Omg, dude. Misa is soo hot.

Guy 2: I know! I don't know why she's still single.

Guy 1: Me neither, I've been tryin' to get at her for the longest.

Misa's friend: It's by choice, guys. She's too good for y'all.

Both guys: Damn..
by DeeAllMyTeeWon May 3, 2011
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An intellectual ass nibba hekka funny and likes to get lit
Damn this sucks misas not here he would make it lit
by Itbelikethatsometime April 2, 2018
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The baddest chick you’ll ever meet, she may trust easily but once u break it she ready to kill you. She always lit and smart at the same time. You can mess with her but don’t cross her.
Dude-Misa looks ugly
Misa-Y’all just hating
Them:Knowing it’s true
by Kayla3891 October 11, 2019
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A cute was of saying "mister", usually used by young japanese females.
Misa Roy can I has your hot dog?
by RoyNYC January 28, 2011
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An informal name for a Russian male. Misa (pronounced mee-shaw) is the informal name and Mikhail (pronounced mick-kail) is the formal name.
Chuck and Misa played darts and drank KBAC together in the GSO Facilities Section at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia.
by KBACDRINKER March 19, 2006
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Misa is an amazing girl. All her friends love her and she loves them. She tends not to get caught up in too much drama and she has a small circle of friends. If she has two friend groups, she tries to get them to meet and wants all her friends to like each other. She is the best. :) <3
Misa is the best omg i love her so much.
by pseudonym1233456 June 12, 2020
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