A colloquial term for common sense that makes people feel good about their basic creativity, or lack thereof. Typically lifehacks are not all that helpful, they are simply advertised well so as to provide a false sense of improvement in the user's day to day operation.
"Check out these 7 lifehacks using only paper clips! #1: use them to hold your papers together!..."
by Vibraslap_Guru February 25, 2017
A science-fiction novel about nanomachines being used to create a zombie outbreak.

The protagonist is a lesbian who falls for a girl who is straight.

Not focused heavily on horror, Lifehack is heavily character driven.
Lifehack is written by Joseph Picard, and can be found on Amazon, smashwords, ozero.ca, and probably a bunch of other sites.
by Ozero November 3, 2011
One who practices lifehacking. See lifehack.
John Doe: I can turn the channel 2.5 seconds faster than before.

Jane Doe: You are such a lifehacker.
by Necronites January 20, 2012
A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one's life easier or more efficient.
Web sites now exist, where lifehacker (followers of the movement) can trade lifehacks - suggestions on how to reduce chaos and make their lives more enjoyable.
by JRob December 6, 2005
When LifeHacker.com links to your website for an article, and your webhost can't handle the traffic. Common symtoms ... people visiting the page within hours of a Lifehacker posting generally see a poor performing website, or a message from the website host indicating that the site is unavailable due to exceeding traffic limitations.
Commenter 1: This is some website. It says it's down.
Commenter 2: Yeah, it's been Lifehackered. Check back in a day or 30.
by G33kSp3@k3r November 4, 2011
When you try to make a simple task easier to feel or to be different. And they generally don't work anyways.
The "peeling a banana from the bottom" LifeHack is no more difficult than peeling from the top. -MikeJ.
by The Great Gas Mask Man April 19, 2016
Someone who does not know how to live well. A person who never gets the big picture.Someone who dwells on unimportant things.
I was talking to fran about the big questions of life, and all the sudden dick walks up and pops off with,"so are we gunna order some pizza or what?" What a lifehack!
by bezel333 December 31, 2005