1) A phrase used after an unpleasant or unfortunate event. Used to describe the way that life jumps out and bites you in the ass at an inconvenient time. Usually many negative events have happened in a short amount of time to make the user say this phrase.

2) Also used to show sympathy to a friend who the shit has happened to.
1) Shannon is pulled over by the police for a seat belt violation and realizes as he asks for her drivers license that her purse has been stolen. Shannon now receives a ticket for her seat belt and one for driving without a license. Shannon then might say "Life's a bitch."

2) Your friend: "I just got fired and my girlfriend left me."

You: "Life's a bitch."
by bookkeepper123 May 28, 2011
Can be defined in a few ways.

1. used when something unfortunate happens to somebody and is used to show compassion for the recipient of the unfortunate action/event

2. when life bites in the ass
by debebop April 7, 2013
To get outrapped on your own song, comes from Nas - Life's a Bitch where A.Z had a better verse than him.
- Yo, A.Z actually had a better verse than Nas on life's a bitch
- Yeah, Nas got life's a bitched
by killa4566 December 26, 2019
One Hell of an amazing quote frim one hell of an amazing person! Used when in a real shity mood on a real shity day. quote speaks the truth, shit happens you get pissed, you 'll get over it eventually, this odviously happens a lot in life, so people get over it, cause eventually you'll die and it'll be all good!
DramaFreak:" You know what, everyone must hate me right know cause it seems like there all being ass holes."
DancingQueen:"Life's a Bitch and Then You Die".
by DramaFreak March 16, 2008
When you feel nothin is goin your way.....and every moment feels like a struggle

Generally said before and after doing something really strenous and something you are just doin not out of choice.....

Q: Dude hows it goin??
A: Nothin man life is a bitch
Also used as a part of the phrase:
Life is a bitch, then you die!!!!!!!!!!
Life is a bitch, you work overtime, then you die ;)!!!!!!!!!
by Ankit, Ashaesh, Goldyn September 26, 2006
When life has been pretty mean and unfair to you, especially when all your friends and relatives are wealthier, smarter, and prettier than you.
Why do bad things happen to good people? And material blessings seem to be chasing after evil people? Life is a bitch, isn’t it?
by MathPlus December 29, 2018
The woman you chose as your companion because she authoritatively guides you through the many complexities of life
by Atavistic July 27, 2021