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A term used instead of liquor or Alchohol in an institution that bans it such as schools,nursing homes or AA meetings . Use this word when hiding Alchohol or secretly trying to get some .
Yo where can I get some lickey in this joint Verb : let's get lickeyed up
by Viggynanach October 18, 2012
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An incredibly lame ass hickey where the sender omits important information, such as names, or doesn't spell check the message before sending it. This is such a lame attempt that the "latching on" step of the ass hickey is completely missed, and the recipient only gets licked. While the recipient(s) still feel violated, as they do when receiving a mass hickey, they walk away from the lickey un-marked, but feeling somewhat damp.
Hey Svetlana, did you see Mango's most recent lickey? He totally forgot the last name of a couple of people, and just left a series of dots where their last names should be. I still feel totally spammed by him, but I only have a damp spot where his regular hickeys and swelties would normally be.
by btedstrom August 06, 2007
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When you grind down a rail on your tongue.
"Wow man, look at that gy, he's been pullin' off fully sick ass lickeys all day"

by Mr. Bog January 20, 2005
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