A sexual act that involves a man stapling his scrotum to any body part of another person, preferably the inner thigh or forearm.
Latching is sometimes helpful in male on male relationships to bring the two partners closer together.

Dino and i latched for hours last night while gazing deeply into each other's eyes.
by Reidmebabyonemoretime March 20, 2011
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Someone who hangs out with you but you don't want them to really be there, yet you allow them to hang out with you because they are your friend. Could possibly be a cockblocker, or just awkwardly be present when you are with your friends.
Kara: Let's all go to Potbellies!
Lydia: Yeah awesome let's go!
Jordan: I'll come too.
Kara:Wait who the hell are you?
Jordan: I'm coming...
Lydia: Uhh..okay.
-the evening proceeds to be awkward-

Nick:Let's go hookup.
Jordan: Cool bro, I'll come.
by YourFriendlyCupOfTea May 13, 2013
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To latch (verb)
When at a four way stop, a biker rides alongside a car whose turn it is, thus bypassing stopping and waiting for their appropriate turn. Cars are unable to latch; latching can only be achieved by bikers and skate boarders

Anytime a biker synchs a move with a car, often using that car as a barrier, in order to bypass traffic laws or travel more expediently.
Latching to the red truck at the front of the long line of cars, she avoided waiting her turn at the time sucking stop sign.

He was late for work, so he latched to the sports car running the left-turn red light.
by Ninzthegreek September 2, 2012
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1. bitch, whore, slut,

2. (latchet) total slut
1. sarah: I actually really hate you.

jem: I actually really think your a latch

sah: what?!?!?!

jem: kidding, your just a bitch,

sah: fuck you jem,

2. sarah: do you like my skirt? I hemmed it :)

jem: what the fuck, latchhettt

sah: your a latch so meh,
by jemm-e-ma March 13, 2009
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Latching is a term referring to the action of a smaller male grasping a tall female as if he was climbing her like a tree. He Latches himself around her from the back by hooking his feet around her and his arms around her tightly as if he doesnts want to fall off. Commonly the male turns his head in a jerking matter at anyone that comes close to mark his territory.
Nate: Hey Megan lets get to latching?
Megan: Hell yeah climb me baby.

"DTL (Down To Latch): Like being down to fuck but instead latch."
by Jbignig June 25, 2009
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to latch, also known as "latching, or latchin" is to engage or participate in the art of trash talking a friend, colleague, homeboy or sworn enemy. It should be witty, funny and downright embarassing to the person you are trying to latch against.
Homeboy 1 - "Bro..that girl you brought home from the club the other night was buttt ugly tell me you aint hit?"

Homeboy 2 - "Dog you latchin? I know you aint tryna latch right now cause the last girl you hit had them sabertooth tiger teeth"

Surrounding Homeboys - "Oohohohohhohohhhhhhhh"
by jaywade November 19, 2012
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