Technically stated by aggressive Caribbean girls that are ready to go full on supersane on you so if u hear this my first tip is for u to flyy awayyy!
"Amma lick off your bludclart face". Translation: I am going to kill you!
by Slaggang December 24, 2018
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Wet the clitoris. Do oral on a tart. Cunnilingus. Muff diving.
Oi Brian get down south and give my snatch a good lick off will you!
by Muff magic October 13, 2007
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Total 4 participants. Two black males and one white female - double penetration. 4th person comes in and licks as hard and as fast as they can to get the cookies to crumble and the cream to flow.
That oreo looked so good that I had to get in there and have myself a good old fashion oreo lick off.
by Applecore69 March 6, 2011
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jerom was talkin mad shit so I had ta lick off a shot on his ass
by pacman-wrecka September 24, 2006
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A colloquial request for cunnilingus that results in orgasm. It can be asked from a place of lust or anger.

It can also be used to reference an orgasmic cunnilingus experience in hindsight.
"Oh yeah baby thats it. Faster. LICK ME OFF. Oh yeah, lick me off!!.."


(on the phone with a girlfriend) " ... and then he threw me down on the bed, spread my legs wide open and dug his hot wet tongue into my pussy.... until he licked me off!!"
by Bam Kabalam February 24, 2012
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To be mean to someone and immediately nice to them a few seconds later.
You break my pencil in a fit of rage and a few seconds later you tape it together. All you do is poop on me and lick it off!
by GrandpaEster June 1, 2011
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