An Amma is someone who would literally do anything for her children and grandchildren. She is someone who cannot ever be replaced,no matter what. She is someone that never gives up and fights until she wins, and she always wins. She is the strongest person that you will ever meet and if you are sick and afraid, being with her makes all your fears disappear. She is someone that God took extra time on and made to be the most amazing person on this earth. But most of all she is someone that no matter what will love you unconditionally forever. She is a superhero, our superhero.
"I love you to the moon and back a thousand times amma."
"I can't wait to sread my amma"
by Samthedickslayer December 18, 2016
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Amma is a person who is very kind and never wants to make a fuss. She is always there if you need to chat and she is very supportive. She loves owls and has a great sense of humor
Wow your such an Amma
by lightsaberme December 13, 2020
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PersonA:hey have you heard of Amma?

PersonB:no I haven't
PersonA:well Amma is the best ever human being everyone loves them!!
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means mother in kannada,tamil,telugu and malayalam
by rrao September 16, 2008
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A shy guy at heart who spends a lot of time on Fortnite, Tiktok, and Dota. Has a very ethnic nose and walks with confidence, influencing those around him like he is an infectious disease. Such a DRAMA QUEEN sometimes but walks around with alpha male energy (at least he thinks he does)... 100% SIMP. Will simp for any girl that gives him attention. Entertaining nonetheless and oddly charismatic and genuine at times. Mom's favorite.
Said to a guy who has an infectious nature: "Stop being such an Ammas!"

Girl #1: "Did you see that guy with the perfect nose?"
Girl #2: "Oh! You mean that Ammas?!"
Girl #1: "Yeah him! I gotta get myself an Ammas"
by Fiery Seraphim April 24, 2021
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negro dialect for "I am going to"
Amma do Dialo and Dialo will do me.
by gary popkin May 11, 2006
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