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An Amma is someone who would literally do anything for her children and grandchildren. She is someone who cannot ever be replaced,no matter what. She is someone that never gives up and fights until she wins, and she always wins. She is the strongest person that you will ever meet and if you are sick and afraid, being with her makes all your fears disappear. She is someone that God took extra time on and made to be the most amazing person on this earth. But most of all she is someone that no matter what will love you unconditionally forever. She is a superhero, our superhero.
"I love you to the moon and back a thousand times amma."
"I can't wait to sread my amma"
by Samthedickslayer February 04, 2017
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Ammas would mostly be a name for a boy
3.a guy that every gurl wants
4.has flaws
5.overlooks anything that comes along his way
6.anyone would be lucky to know a Ammas
7.gets what he wants
Man hes not like the other guys he a ammas.the guy that u would wanna be serious with.
by haresh August 03, 2011
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