A pattern in music that can be used in literally every genre and key you want it to be in. Also the only thing in music you need to learn.
P1:*plays licc in the middle of a serious gig*
Everyone playing: SICC LICC YOU DICC
by One's Demise September 8, 2019
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Oral stimulation of the the male phallic member for the intent of ejaculation of seminal fluid
She gave me the licc of cocc
by succ daddi July 8, 2016
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Lo : you wanna fucc wit a licc? B : yeah, im fuccin wit dhat commonly used by Crips.
You wanna fucc wit a licc?
by NolaCrip April 1, 2018
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Nothing sexual or weird just a word to respond to things like Oof.
Friend one- urgh i’m So bored

Friend two- licc
Friend one- licc licccc
by Molzabro December 26, 2018
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When you put some peanut butter on your balls and call your dog to lick it, giving you amazing sensation.
What were you doing with your dog in bedroom?
He gave me some licc-licc, it was awesome
by peanutbutteronmyballs March 1, 2017
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Acronym for League of International Cunt Circuses. A term used to describe the event of multiple groups of girls you don't like coming together to form an even larger organization just to ruin your day.
I hear the ICC met another one just like it. Now me may have an LICC on our hands
by turtle salad July 21, 2010
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