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Like the word Kek from world of Warcraft, this word means to be Rekt or pwned by an opponent or death upon accident. Keked however is in a more humourous way.
person 1: aw man I just fell off the map!!

Person 2: hah get keked

Person 1: *dies by an enemy*

Enemy: keked
by Molzabro February 22, 2019

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When a female is so filled with cum she looks like she is going to explode, then a person on the preferred sex presses down on her stomach when their face is directly in line with her vagina, shooting all the liquid out to be swallowed.
’dude, did you smash Karen last night?’

’yeah man I totally made her into a squishy’

’awesome man!’
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by Molzabro November 19, 2018

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Nothing sexual or weird just a word to respond to things like Oof.
Friend one- urgh i’m So bored

Friend two- licc
Friend one- licc licccc
by Molzabro December 26, 2018

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YAAG, an alternative for surprise or shock in disbelief.
Lad 1- I totally am innocent bro
Lad 2- YAAG

Lad 1- what?!

Lad 2 - pfffff I cant believe that
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by Molzabro October 06, 2018

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