acronym of "Con Ong Chau Cha" which means the offspring of communist officials or bureaucracy. This kind of social class is often exorbitantly rich, impudent and contemptuous of others. This word also refers to study-abroad Vietnamese, who are also very rich and come from privileged families.
don't mess with him, he's cocc!
cocc is a mess of shit!
by shiningstarptnk2 April 9, 2010
cocc is the way Lana Del Rey's 2021 album "Chemtrails Over the Country Club" is often spelt, especially on stan twitter.
have you listened to cocc?
cocc is a cultural reset!
qftc: is cocc really coming on september the 5th?
by coccandysweey May 22, 2021
a cock suckin whore of a man who licks testicles while jacking himself off...
that guy is such a cocce that he ran out my house naked with jizzzz all ova his hands....
by pigon April 28, 2005
used to show hate towards an enemy to make em go cray cray.
shane: hey u i dont wanna hang out with u cuz u r uncool and i wanna be pop
will: well, succ mah cocc.
shane: *dies*
by chezi tacos September 7, 2020
Did you hear about how they tried to cancel that comedian?

Yeah, what a bunch of COCCs
by Mountain_Rubba April 6, 2022