A term commonly used to describe the brainless left-winged cavemen (Only men) by the cocksure right-winged monkeys when they can't think of a rational statement/valid argument to portray their views.
right-winged soul-sippers: "YoU fUcKiNg LiBtArD!"

left-winged snowflake: "YoU fUcKiNg CoNsErViTaRd"

People who have lives instead of drinking politics juice every morning: "What teh fuck."
by someCockend March 12, 2021
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A word used to describe someone with a leftist outlook who shoves their views down people's throats, is a social justice warrior, and doesn't understand the difference between hate speech and fact. Also used to describe an insecure and triggered leftist who allows their emotions to control them and hijack their sense of logic. Many of whom don't realize facts don't care about your feelings and don't use critical thinking with what they hear in the media and post secondary. They often don't seem to realize that it's not just right wing media organizations like Fox and Rebel news who lie and have an unethical agenda but also their favourite leftist news sources too.
My cousin is such a libtard, he believes everything CNN tells him and thinks Islamaphobia (while not good) is racist when in fact Muslims are not a race. He also believes conservatives in general are racist and ironically uses tolerance to be intolerant of those different political views than him.
by Gzsick5 May 17, 2021
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Libtard is an amalgamation og Liberal and Retard. It speaks for it self
Ben Shapiro is destroying Libtards from left to right
by VladimirPlatinium November 22, 2018
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