A term used by Republicans during political discussion (generally on the internet) with Liberals or Democrats. It is used in place of an actual response to an opinion given by a Liberal/Democrat.
The term is commonly followed by the term "Snowflake.
Democrat: I think Donald Trump is a fascist.

Republican: No, libtard! Aren't you just a snowflake?
by MicroshibeWindoge February 26, 2017
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Any member of the Libertarian party, or more generally, someone who follows their ideology. Usually, these people are either unwilling or unable to critically think about sociological or economic issues above the level of a high school sophomore, and would prefer instead to advocate for policies that disproportionately harm the poor and minorities. They are a close synonym for Conservatives, although they like weed.
Libertarian: “Taxation is theft! If you can’t afford life-saving medical care, you can just make your own alternative!”

Anyone they interact with: “Okay, Libtard.”
by AnonymousUser733 January 07, 2020
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The person bringing education, common sense, and an understanding of the big picture to a conversation.
Trump: Global warming is a hoax
Libtard: Every single scientist disagrees with you. We need to address the climate change immediately or face catastrophic ramifications.
by Sintheeuh November 19, 2016
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An attempted insult by a hate preacher when they can't come up with a good enough counter-argument.
Person 1 - "Please explain why you hate black people?"
Person 2 - "You're just a libtard."
by gabenewellisgod August 13, 2017
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An uninventive word coined by mainstream and internet conservatives, which fuses Liberal and Retard into what is basically a 5th-grade level insult. The term was created to mimic the Conservitard, which, unlike Libtard, actually uses an existing letter in the word, and therefore doesn't sound like something pulled out of a brain-dead pundit's ass. When this word comes up in conversations, it usually means you are dealing with someone with an Inferiority Complex. People who usually say this are ReTards (Republican Retards)
ReTard: "Hey, Libtard"

Reasonable person: "Bye, bitch"
by Supreme_Sucks March 23, 2017
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A insult used by uneducated conservatives whenever they can not come up with a logical argument or response. The word is often used by the less educated trump supporters whenever someone questions something that trump said.
Educated liberal: A wall will just be a giant waste of time and money.
Educated conservative: I disagree because of....
by BILLDORTSTUN January 29, 2017
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A Conservative's favorite word, especially those who don't practice what they preach and sit on their lazy asses all day long watching Hannity and O'Reilly; listening to Beck and Limbaugh, etc.

Saying (or shouting) "Libtard" is way for these types of Conservatives to "win" at any political argument/debate because it falsely establishes philosophical superiority by diverging away from hard facts and resorting to common name calling, which in turn, is a logical fallacy.
"And then why is America one of the last 1st world countries not to have Universal Health Care?"
"Whoa, hold on a sec. This is 'merica and I'm not having none of that libtard language 'round these parts!"
by SecondLifeMember July 13, 2013
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