N. Combination of liberal and retard
Used derogatorily by conservatives/Republicans for liberals/Democrats
Pl. Libtards

"Libterd", related and created using possibly this word as a foundation, or possibly from a different source as a combination of Liberal and Terd, without the prior knowledge of Libtard
Yea, Libtard, I guess you want free health-care too?!
by JRW January 24, 2005
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Whenever a liberal makes themselves look reasonable by using "facts" and "logic" in an argument against someone on the right side of the political spectrum by making the other person mad and showing how "calm" they are in the argument. If this doesn't work, libtards usually start getting angry themselves and using derogatory words against the opposition as a last ditch attempt to hide how mad they are themselves until they just stop replying. They all believe that republicans are just 48 year old racist, sexist, and homophobic men whenever they are a lot of teenagers and young adults are republicans. Either way, if someone is on a side of the political spectrum that they believe in, then you aren't going to convince them to change so arguing is useless except making both parties look bad.

TL;DR stop shitting on each others political beliefs and shut the fuck up (p.s yes I am throwing shade at the Democrats because this site is basically ran by them and anything supporting right leaning parties or trump no matter how neutral get disliked to hell so yeah)
Example of a libtard
L: Actually according to my assessment, there are more LGBT liberals than republicans so stating liberals are "ass" is factual
R: Me stating liberals are ass is supposed to be offensive because the term "ass crack" is meant to represent the taste of the anus which doesn't taste good because of the stool contents and ferocious smell
-Alternate Endings-
1. L: SHUT THE FUCK UP PUSSY *stops replying*
2. L: I see I have made a mistake in my assumption that "ass crack" can be used in a supporting way. I apologize for the confusion or anger I may have caused. Have a good day.
R: I agree and accept your apology as I vow to apologize as well for insulting your political ideologies and beliefs. I am a changed person now and I wish good luck to come to you.
by Veteran Bandit December 01, 2020
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a word conservatives use when they are losing terribly in an argument
does it work? yes. very VERY well
AK: man you're an ass

JL: you're such a libtard
by okaybuddy420 May 12, 2020
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Short for Liberal Retard. A privilege idiot left wing individual in the US who he/she thinks they know better than anybody else. They have been fed with lies from the left mainstream media and they just keep repeating these lies like parrots. They can't have a constructive argument or debate with conservative leaning people or even moderates. They usually start ranting when they fail with their ideas and call the other side of the discussions terms like; racist, bigot, and deplorable (a word newly added to their dictionary after it was used by Hilary Clinton).

They believe in stuff like free healthcare which is not true and is paid for by raising taxes on everybody and waiting in line for months to get an X-ray not to mention surgery. They also believe in the utopia of the green new deal and banning fossil fuel industry which will massively raise gas prices on low income and middle class working families, at the same time, they keep repeating the Nordic Model like Norway, although Norway mainly get wealth from oil and fossil fuel industry and have the most strict and toughest immigration system.

One can literally like several books on their idiocy.
-Libtard: We should ban fracking, fossil fuel industry
-Civil American: I believe we can surely invest in new options of energy but we can't ban that entirely. It will affect peoples' life and hurt the US economy
-Libtard: Noooo! you are deplorable. Ban it right now look at the Nordic Model
-Civil American: Actually Norway get most of their wealth from oil and investing in fossil fuel industries.
-Libtard (face turning red and shouting): You are a bigot and deplorable .. I can't believe I am even talking to an idiot like you .... (walks away from conversation)
by TrueVision20 April 01, 2021
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One who believes they and their cohorts will bring and need to bring change to the world via intolerance and questioning the validity or necessity of things and establishments that predate them and their thick skulls by decades, centuries and sometimes Millenia, but expect all their actions and opinions however ignorant they may be, to be tolerated. One who judges all but rejects judgment. Legends in their own minds, despise rules and limitations in any way shape or form and will resist anything they dislike via disruptive toxic behavior such as slander, stalking and harassment. Feel entitled to their opinions and feelings and present them as fact, but feel entitled to invalidate others who would also like to exercise their same God given rights, because when they exercise their rights, they are simply exercising their rights, but when people who aren’t like minded exercise their same rights, they ponder if everyone should have rights or if some people should have them and others shouldn’t (hint: anyone who doesn’t see things the exact same way as they do) Will talk over you and twist your words and announce untrue things loudly to try to gather a crowd. Will attack establishments they don’t like and say they need to go, but things that are equally as bad or have the same impact they complain about are a “necessary evil” if they happen to like them. One who wants to make rules for others but be exempt from said rules. See also “hypocrite”
The libtard tried to tell me what I think and how I feel, and when I gave rebuttal they started screaming and posturing and tried to incite a crowd by saying I was a racist. The origin of the argument was when I said impossible meat does not taste like a real hamburger.
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by Observant Dude November 07, 2020
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Noun: libtard; Plural Noun: libtards
Definition: a scornful term for a person with left-wing political views. The term is often used to describe people who support the left and are liberal. The term is used by confederate neo-nazis and degenerate republicans for the sake of shaming liberals for having a view in politics. Not every republican uses the term, but there are some who use the term to shame liberals.
Him: Hey, look! That guy supports Joe Biden, he's a libtard!
Me: You're literally using a 5th-grader comeback to describe someone with a different view than yours. Pathetic.
by Aphorus July 16, 2020
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A slang term, used by younger conservatives, when describing members on the left who resort to hysteria and hate speech instead of debating reasonably.

To be used when a member of the left resorts to insult and hate speech toward conservatives whilst in debate/political discourse.

Not to be used when a member of the left debates/discusses politics politely and doesn't throw around unfounded claims that their opponent is just "racist" or "homophobic".
"You're just a racist if you don't support free healthcare!"
"What a libtard"
by THobbes November 10, 2020
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