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A term used by Republicans during political discussion (generally on the internet) with Liberals or Democrats. It is used in place of an actual response to an opinion given by a Liberal/Democrat.
The term is commonly followed by the term "Snowflake.
Democrat: I think Donald Trump is a fascist.

Republican: No, libtard! Aren't you just a snowflake?
by MicroshibeWindoge February 26, 2017

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A nickname given to the Gabonese footballer Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.
(Aubame- bloodclaat yang)
Coined by Youtube personality Troopz from ArsenalFanTV after Aubameyang joined Arsenal FC.
‘Aubamebloodclaatyang is a class player.’
‘AubameBLOODCLAATyang is an Arsenal player, blud!’ -Troopz
by MicroshibeWindoge October 30, 2018

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A term generally used by middle-aged men over the internet to insult someone for reasons such as using "your" instead of "you're."
*looking at social media, Notices grammar error*
You spag.
by MicroshibeWindoge September 03, 2015

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