guy:I`ve forgot my grandma in the casket
me: I think she likes to stay there
by rochenjochen October 12, 2007
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A wallet.

It holds dead presidents. AKA money.
Dude: Bro, I gotta buy me a new casket.
Dude 2: How did you lose it this time?
Dude: I was buyin some girl a drink at the bar and it got stolen.
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A safe haven from where one escapes all harm and may even get a booty call
Duude, my wife was bitchen, so I like took a long trip to the Casket.
by Jiiimme April 22, 2008
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dude: do you casket
dude2: whats that
dude: beating your meat
dude2: oh nah thats gross
by stupid2019 April 1, 2019
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Referring to Young Jeezy's - Bury Me A G.

"Which one of you niggas shot me, it was one of you bastards Bet a nigga can't throw a hundred grand in my casket" - Jeezy

Used mostly among straight ballers.......

1 casket = 100G's
2 casket = 200G's
AeSoP - "Yo rodman, how much u pay for dat black on black maybach u got there on the barltley bull scene???"

RodMan - "Not dat much.......bout 5 Caskets Nigga!!

AeSoP - "Ah damn!!!"
by AeSoP_RL September 11, 2008
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A term referencing snow whites sleep in the casket, used to describe something in great condition, fresh, rejuvenated, as if it's not even a day old.
"Yo, these sneakers look out the casket!"
Guy: "Hey, are you sure you want to go clubbing tonight? I know you weren't feeling well." Girl: "Yeah, I've been sleeping for like eight hours, I'm right out the casket."
by pophaze November 5, 2014
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Refers to an elderly person who looks so old that they are about to die.
He shouldn't be driving, he has his casket-smile on!
by Cherish Hope December 9, 2010
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