A libtard is a democrat that only thinks democratic and hates everyone who doesn’t have the same opinion
The libtard got mad because I said ACAB was wrong

Fuck you libtard
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by Saltin God December 03, 2020
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1. Anyone who calls themselves a liberal but wants socialists in power
2. A retarded liberal
by Spare_Cranberry September 20, 2020
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Libtard (not to confuse with liberal) is an unreasonable person, who happens to be liberal. The term might be also used by butthurt right-wingers against normal liberals.
A person: *makes a politically incorrect joke*
by 大きなちんぽ October 03, 2020
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Someone who believes in American socialism and a dangerous amount of government control, usually stereotypically hippocratic and tend to employ logical fallacies in all aspects of life
Jesus fuck! My neighbor Amy is such a fucking libtard, last time I was at her house, I jumped out the window and ran home screaming violently and shitting my pants aggressively!”
by Obiwan723 January 17, 2021
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Retarded liberal. Who can not give a valid argument for anything.
Libtard: “Abortion is NOT murder, it’s just a bunch of cells.”

Republican: “94% of scientists say life begins at conception”

Libtard: “pfft yea whatever it’s still just a bunch of cells”

Republican: “you can hear a baby’s heartbeat in the mother’s womb at 5 weeks which is before the first trimester is up, and in 2018 92.2% of abortions happened during the 1st trimester”

Libtard: “it’s still just a clump of cells get over it” *walks away*

Republican to friend: “what a libtard, couldn’t even give a valid argument”
by Andrewisadumbhoe January 04, 2021
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An extreme left winged individual who is is weak-willed and believes socialism is good, despite this they call the right nazis yet they will cancel you for having your own opinion. Only happy when offended by something and has nothing better to do than waste their time disliking other definitions of libtard.
Karen: You don't want to date a transgender? Your a transphobe!

John: Ok libtard
by mewhenthewhen21 April 08, 2021
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A snowflake who is very easily offended and hates straight white men. If you don't think they're easily offended look at the other definitions of libtard
Emily: Masculinity is toxic!
Chad: Shut up libtard
by mewhenthewhen21 March 03, 2021
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