Hes just a pretty mf he knows how to dress well he is my husband
by Byrek August 7, 2019
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A Harlem based rapper born in 1987. Part of the ASAP (Always Strive and Prosper) Crew. Gained recognition after releasing the mixtape DEEP PURPLE in 2010, and blew up after the singles "Peso" and "Purple Swag" leaked summer 2011. Rocky was reportedly signed to Sony Records for $3 million dollars and will be opening for Drake on his Club Paradise tour (fall '11) He is also sponsored by BLVCK SCVLE clothing company and can be seen sporting their gear in his videos.This was posted 12/1/11 , watch how big this kid gets!
Youtube ASAP ROCKY "Peso" and/or "Purple Swag" for examples of his most recent and popular work as of 12/1/11
by Choppachoppa_down December 1, 2011
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up and coming rap artist from NY, with a southern sound.
he recently just released his mixtape liveloveasap
look him up on youtube ASAP rocky he has songs such as peso, purple swag, bass, pretty flacko
by fan of asap February 19, 2012
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A rapper from Harlem, NY who is just okay. By that, I mean that he isn't super-fantastic, but he isn't super-horrible either. He has room for improvement, but at the same time, he is lyrically better than most rappers in the mainstream.

What makes ASAP Rocky different from other rappers is his beats and lyrics. Rather than following the status-quo of rapping over club/trap beats, ASAP Rocky is attracted to a more experimental sound in production. His first mixtape strongly proves this, considering that the production ranged from southern-style chopped and screwed beats to abstract psychedelic sounds that would portray the effect of some kind of drug. Also, his beats actually SOUND GOOD, which is rare in today's hip hop. His lyrics are also more complex than that of the average rapper. He's not on Nas's or Jay-Z's level, but he still shows lyrical proficiency through different flows, multi-syllabic rhyming, and internal rhyming.

However, he still has one negative side that holds him back a lot: His subject matter. If you took away all his abstract beats and lyricism, what you'll get is very generic subject matter. Like most mainstream rappers, he REPETITIVELY raps about the following: drug abuse, sex, guns, money, clothes, hoes, and violence. If Rocky wanted to be real, then he would have to abandon this unoriginal jargon that plagues today's hip hop. He most likely doesn't own as much money as he claims, and he definitely doesn't sleep with different women every single day.
"Let's take it to the basis, you in the midst of greatness

My Martin was a Maison, rocked Margielas with no laces

Cristal go by the cases, wait hold up that was racist

I would prefer the Aces, ain't no different when you taste it

A 40 ounce to chase it, that's just a understatement

I'm early to the party, but my 'Rari is the latest

Somehow it seems girls in they late teens

Remind me your favorite jeans cause they naked cause you famous

Life's a mothafucka, ain't it? These other rappers anus

So tell me what your name is, I'mma tell it to my stainless

You aim it 'fore you bang it let that banger leave you brainless

It's just me, myself, and I and mothafuckas that I came with

Miscellaneous niggas wanna hate on me

Until I tell 'em to they face they ain't no G

Low key, niggas mad cause I'm smooth puffin' Zig Zags

Tell 'em quit the riff raff bitchin' with your bitch ass"

-Verse 1 of "Goldie"

Here, ASAP Rocky demonstrates his lyrical talent through his flow and rhymes, on top of an east-coast flavored beat by Hit-Boy. However, he raps about riches and fashion, which is nothing original in today's rap game.
by RLHipHop October 14, 2013
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Same as ASAP (As Soon As Possible), just sounds better.
Yo, bro I need you to get me that handle over here ASAP No Rocky. People are pissed we're outta alc.
by -S-B-M- December 22, 2013
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