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The zodiac sign following Scorpio. The sign of the archer. (Think Hunger Games or Disney/Pixar 's Brave. The centuar sign. Saggitariuses are many different moods. November 24 to December 22.
Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games} is an archer so on the spot, that though born August 15 she could have made a great Saggitarius. All she needed was to be born between November 24 and December 22 instead of August 15.

Famous Saggitariuses have no entire common trait, everyone from Donny Osmond to Walt Disney to Jim Morrison to AnnaSophia Robb are Saggitariuses as well as myself (even more of a reason to write this entry.)
by ESSJAY April 02, 2017
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An evil, demonic, annoying, lying sack of shit zodiac sign.
A Saggitarius will lie to you and act crazy, they have extremely low intelligence too.
"What's your name girl? What's your sign?"
"Hey I'm Melanie. I'm a Saggitarius."
"Nevermind bye"
by estinhorto December 25, 2018
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