Libby is a kind girl who is so hot. All the boys love her and want to fuck her tight pussy. Her pussy smells or flowers but her farts smell of cabbage but it’s okay because her flower fanny is bursting with flavours.
Boy- damn Libby your so cool
Libby- yeah I know

Boy- damn let me eat your pussy
Libby- Hm fine

Boy- damn your pussy smells of roses babe
by Happyharry90000 December 9, 2019
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Libby~ always plays the victim and never means shit. Can always count on being shady and rude. She is most likely to be the first person to die in a horror movie.
She is acting like a Libby right now.
by Ratatatatat of CdM June 23, 2017
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Bro did you fuck a libby last night?!
by Penislicker125 June 17, 2019
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She can be sometimes a girl who loves animals, food, friends but you probably don’t want a Libby because she is a betrayer and a little bitch and she always gets what she wants even if that’s ditching her best friend
Friend: why are you crying

Other friend: one word, Libby

Friend: makes sense *hugs*
by HimikoX November 6, 2019
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she is a arsehole and a bully she takes random trips to the store to get mango, grapes and apples because she is a very strange human. shes a little shit when she wants to be. also extremely short with a short temper.
person one: whoa bro i saw someone getting mangos from a shop today

Person two: damn bro no way you saw a libby
by bigdickjezz August 8, 2018
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Abbreviated form of Elizabeth used by those whom are also sexual deviants. Tend to be down for bondage, biting, anal, and generally the stuff you wish your girlfriend would do.
I hooked up with this girl called Libby at the club. She took me back to hers and stuck my dick in her ass then sucked me off
by Ragaja October 12, 2018
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the biggest whore three-faced bitch who sucks dick for money. tarzan swings on her butt hair and she has the fattest dong you have ever seen. her dad is probably sucking off your little sister.
person 1: "that girl over there is such a libby."
person 2: "yeah her dads sucking my sister lmao."
by charyeetxxx July 23, 2019
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