The epitome of faggotry. The quintessential homo. The embodiment of gheyness. The ultimate douche. The shark in the fishtank. This person is more of a backstabber than the traitorous Runescape clan mates of yore. He will use his powers of potent tactfulness and kindness to attract the attention of others and gain the upperhand in the social leaderboards, conclusively reaching the top rank, as yt-haar. Hide yo females, as this person will steal them all with his maxed out thieving ability, which is a result of the Best Friend Syndrome that he employs, in which he will use his sly and deceptive demeanor to add individuals to his friends list and eventually turn them against you. Steer clear of this man as he is armed and dangerous, revered by the tzhaars and feared by asgarnians. He seeks to exact his vengeance on those with penors of a length greater than 10cm or a girth of more than 5mm which are presumed to be his measurements, although confirmation is yet to be received which is quite astonishing given his many partners. If encountered try to cast a curse to lower his confidence level or make use of a spell of awkwardness to cause him to laugh maniacally. Take up the shield of faith, the chainmail of righteousness, the med helm of salvation and the sword of the spirit so that you may extinguish fire within the wretched creature of flamboyancy and femininity. If all else fails, pepper your angus and say your prayers.
Last night at the bar Thomas was being such a Libbing, he was just standing around talking to females about relationships and feelings, I think he managed to pickup a few numbers.

Today in class my partner pulled such a Libbing by forgetting the lab notes at his best friends house.
All of the girls in school are asking me to become more of a Libbing so that we can become besties.

Watch out! It's libbing.

Thomas is such a douche, I think he contracted the Libbing.

I played the Libbing card today by asking a girl how she was feeling, Libbing the Libby Life.
by A Victim of Libbing September 26, 2013
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When you call someone an insult, generally close to the truth, can often be hurtful.
If you do lib someone they have to accept it with out retalation.Common form of pranks also.
Libbings also come in the form of five people insulting each other unprevoked.
"yeah but it's cool it's a just lib"
"oh sweet nevermind."

"Oh man i cant believe you kissed that fat chick."
"Leave it out man"
" it's only a libbing"
"Haha cool carry on".

"katherine just got libbed"
"yeah i know as per".

by ILOVELIAM February 02, 2009
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