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The belief that is doesn't matter what race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation a person is, as long as they never, ever disagree with you, and as long as that religion isn't Christianity.
Johnny got called a "stupid bible-thumping Christian sheeple" during a seminar on liberal tolerance, after saying that he didn't have a problem with seeing the Ten Commandments on display in a public courthouse.
by Dude Bob May 17, 2007
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A twist on liberals claims that they are morally superior because they are tolerant of everyone. In actuality, many modern liberals are anything but tolerant of others - especially if they have opposing views or happen to be a white male (straight or gay). They also resort to personal attacks, slander, death threats, and even violence. Of course, the very "liberals" who this represents this will claim it's a "conservative conspiracy theory" as well as modern liberals who do not wish to criticize the radicals in their party.
The "peaceful protesters" showed their liberal tolerance on the reporters and police.
by spootyhead January 09, 2017
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