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Lia is an AMAZING person and an amazing girlfriend. And she has an amazing body that makes you wanna hold her really tight and close. She is a sweetheart and a hard headed person all in one . You are very lucky if you find a Lia especially if you get to date her. Yes she may get a little jealous and its not a bad thing it shows she cares a lot about you. Lia's are shy until you get to know them then they are a little Freaky A lot of Lia's that are brunette seem to be the most wifey material. You dint ever want to loose her. Although she is not the most athletic at first once you take her outside that will change you just have to be patient. Also be loyal if you are with a Lia and you wont regret it.
Boyfriend~ I love Lia so much

Friend~ WHy so much
Boyfriend~ Get to know her and you will understand why
by C.D.Pluvssssherr November 27, 2018

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