Lia Is a baddie but can also be sweet sometimes she can be a crackhead but we still gotta love her. Lias tend to be attracted to the letter j. So let that babe go when she finds the right j.
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by Just ask shrek!! December 16, 2019
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Girl: hey my girlfriends name is Lia!
Girl 2: Oh wow you are super lucky!
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by rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn March 15, 2021
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Your best friend, a person who is always there for support and care, and when you need a help humping and beating someone, you'll receive her help. She is always by your side, and is one of the BEST friends you'll have.
Lia stomped the busted rat. Lia killed that hoe!
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Lia is one of the most pretty-ist girls u would ever meet she may seem weird but she is funny, smart, beautiful and freaky
Lia:Awwww(almost says that everytime time)
by Jacob241 July 06, 2018
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Lia is an amazing girl, but she doesn't believe it. She can make you feel better just by smiling at you. She is beautiful, and sexy, but she thinks she's ugly. She is a quirky person, and often doesn't make sense, even to herself, but you can't find more fun anywhere else. Lia has the ability to make you laugh whenever she wants, and make you horny even more, she is a very sexual person, but don't mistake her for a whore, she is extremely loyal to her partner. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with a Lia, but get her as your partner, and you're the luckiest person alive. Never wrong her or her friends, because she has a fiery temper for those who get on her bad side.
Example 1

Guy 1: Man, Lia is my best friend! She's amazing, and makes me laugh all the time
Guy 2: Lia?? Dude you're crazy, she almost lit my house on fire when I asked for a blowjob!
Guy 1: She has a boyfriend! You know she's completely loyal to him!

Example 2

Lia: *muttering about dogs being related to candles*
Close friend: Lia what are you talking about?
Lia: Uh.. I dunno.
by Scooter03 November 08, 2018
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Crazy, bitchy, ugly, fat, try hard, and emo.
OMG theres Lia... DUCK!
by Lila542 July 27, 2011
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A Spanish name which is usually an abriviation for names like Amelia(Hardworking) or Rosalia(Rose). When used by itself it usually means a gorgeous girl with sparkling eyes or in some myths a girl who makes a persons heart "skip a beat" upon seeing.

Other sources have linked "lia" with...






Wow, that beautiful girl that keeps looking my way has amazing eyes. She must be a Lia
by 7-22-11CS&LM December 25, 2011
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