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A Lia is the type of person that could "like like" someone so much but you have to catch it fast because she backs off when others like them. If you have a Lia don't let her go because she will be the most loyal, best friend, girlfriend you could ask for. She is shy when you meet her at first, but once you get to know her she is funny and kind. A Lia cares for the people close to her very much. A Lia tends to keep her feelings about a crush to herself, she might tell a close friend weeks after she likes someone. A Lia makes her feelings to a boy/girl she likes obvious in a subtle way, by sitting close the them, creating inside jokes with them, giving them gum, or stopping at a friends locker that is close to theirs to glance at them every now and then. A Lia is beautiful, smart and kind both inside and out, and anyone would be lucky to be her friend or date her.
Person one: Hey , whats Lia like?
Person two: Amazing
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by anonymous rose January 04, 2019

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