Lia : Loving, Intellegent, Amazing. You'll never meet a girl as sexy and sweet as a Lia. Put her down though and she will kill you hard core.
"Damn dat Lia is Sexy!!!"
"Damn girl gimme some of dat!!!"
by Just someone who loves you January 03, 2017
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Lia is the most amazing person. To have Lia in your life and by your side is bliss. Lia is a gentle, caring girl with a big heart full of gold. She is the most honest and loyal person you'll ever meet, and the best friend or girlfriend ever. If Lia is yours, don't let her go. Cherish her for life. She will be your pride and joy; she will usually be very secretive about her feelings for someone, but it'll definitely show in the end.
Wow. Lia is SO hot. I wish she was mine!

Lia is a bliss!!!
by 😂😜 November 28, 2019
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She is the most talented girl I’ve ever met, She is always laughing and making really bad jokes that make you laugh. She know for being strong and scary, but when you meet her you can see she is a delicate as a rose pedal.She usually is common among boys because she has a lot of boy friends.She can turn your world upside down and you always want to have her around
Boy1:This is my Bff Lia!

Lia: Hi!!!

Boy2: WOW you are pretty, and nice smile, nice to meet you!!
by advicefollowliabermudez November 04, 2017
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the nicest most beautiful grl u will ever meet
she has a nice bod and boys love her
"hey did u see that lia"
"yeah i couldnt take my eyes off her"
by adelena201isssssssssssssssssss December 23, 2008
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Lias is a word coming from the greek word "ilithios" which means fool/stupid.
He is Lias.
He is fool.
He is stupid
by alexkarpen April 30, 2008
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Lia is an amazing person who is so sweet. She got the big booty, any guy wants. Guys stay staring at her because of how stunning she is. She is so beautiful and talented. She has the most prettiest hair, the prettiest eyes, flawless skin, and such an amazing personality. She is honest, loyal, and extremely trustworthy. She is really sweet, but you do not want to get on her bad side. She will always help a friend in need when they are having a bad day. She's got your back anytime. She will make you laugh and smile all the time. SO if you are lucky enough to meet a Lia, then your life is at its best.
You can always count on a Lia because you know that she will always be their for you.
by Lia 2 March 08, 2019
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