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Low-flying bird.
Damn, that lfb almost hit my car. It should've been more mindful of its flight decisions.
by Shannoonaboo March 29, 2011
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LFB is an acronym for the phrase that a guy calls his girlfriend.

Usually results in girlfriend dumping guy.
You're my little fat bitch. (LFB)
by woopsydaisy February 22, 2012
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Large Flopping Boob , a large boob that is atractive yet sags in a depressing way...
Person one : I im 10th prestige on modern warfare two :D
Person two: your such an lfb :/
by teh rockster April 27, 2011
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Little Fat Boy. Used to describe an attractive overweight guy.
Did you see that new guy in our math class? He is definitely an LFB.
by T-top September 09, 2006
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