A medieval term used to describe a young male boy who is deceptively large and has baby features. He usually walks around acting in a very peculiar african-american manner most of the time. He is called Little Fat because:

1.) He is little and he is fat
2.) He isnt too fat, he is just 'little fat'

The word can be used as an insult but it is mainly an endearing term.
Dev you hobo, you are such a Little Fat.

Why don't you get the Little Fat out of this room Kat.

Jack, smack that Little Fat up for me please.
by Wahla May 19, 2004
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LFA's are small hot bitches who have a disproportionately big ass. They spend their days being whistled at and having their asses slapped. Usually seen in rap music videos and on college campuses around North America.

The best type of girl to stuff your antler in.
"That girl in the yellow shirt making sandwiches is a prime LFA."

"All I want right now is to slap around a little fat ass."
by pjohnso89 September 18, 2011
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a small person who is on the tubby side and slightly over weight usually with red cheeks
when the small person gobs of at you you say fuck off you little fat munchkin or i will knock fuck out of you
by mick nicholson August 6, 2007
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THE MOST SAVAGEST BURN EVER. Saying someone is fat doesn't hurt as much as someone saying you're a little bit fat
Xbox Life Dude: You're GAYYYYYY
Big Brain: Well You're a little bit fat.
by Kookies_BeLike March 24, 2020
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A Tuba that is so big you cannot see what is in front of you while playing it
Fat Little Tuba Fat Little Tuba Fat Little Tuba, where did everyone go?
Other Musician: To the left!
by pbbts October 11, 2012
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Used to describe a player of Counter-Strike who is less than 10 years old and sounds like a fat little kid.
UndamagedGecko called Huneboy a fat little piggy after Huneboy declared that he needed to stop playing counter-strike for "a snack break."
by Dean Tye February 12, 2004
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