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a Lezly is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is caring and very loving. She can be a little mean but that never means she doesn't like you. a Lezly can also bring you a lot of memories in your life too many to even count. She is the best girl that you ever meet. All the girls want be her or be her friend
Person A: wow she's so amazing

Person B: I think you just found yourself a Lezly

Person A: YES!!!!!
by Anglo-Saxxon July 19, 2011
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If you are a guy and you just got into a deep depression well as lezly is your only cure! She will take care and always makes you feel good. A lezly is always loveable, and caring. A lezly is the girl who can get friends easily, and the reason she gets friends because she REALLY REALLY trustworthy and she will never leave your side. If your dating or are married to a lezly then you might consider your self lucky. She is the most beautiful thing in this world. She is shy like for a few minutes but once you start talking you never want to stop! A lezly will never notice that she is funny ,but to most she is the funniest person they know. I'm glad to have a lezly in my life because she changes peopleso life and that's no joke. She is great and texting and taking to,and you might find your self texting her until four or even seven am! There is no other person except for a lezly to be my best friend.
Girl: did you see lezly today
Boy: yea , she's is just beautiful
Girl:what's so special about her anyway
Boy: everything *with a grin on his face*
by TheGamer27X August 11, 2017
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A girl who is very tomboyish. 9 times out of 10 a girl named Lezly is a lesbian.
1. Guy1: Hey, is it alright if I bring my sister Lezly to dinner tonight?
Guy2: Is she a lesbian?
Guy1: Yes she is, wait how did you know that!
Guy2: her name is Lezly!

2. Lezly: Hi I'm Lezly.
Jim: Are you a lesbian?
Lezly: Wait how did you know that? How did you know I was a lesbian when you just met me a minute ago?
Jim: because your name is Lezly!

3. Bob: I have a friend named Lezly, she's a lesbian.
Bill: Bob, you didn't need to say she was a lesbian, it's already a given when her name is fucking Lezly.
by The Fap King October 16, 2018
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