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A cute blonde haired girl. Who is a very attractive and you will fall in love with her when you first see her face. She is always a good lover and she will want to KISS anybody that looks very cute and hot to her.
Jake: damn who is that girl??
Jade: She looks like a Lexi...
Jake: She is a Lexia but God damn she is hot
by Cutegirl21 November 06, 2017
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A woman that is (a) beast/wild when it comes to sex, she knows what she is doing, she will be your best partner in bed.
I want to fuck Lexia.
by Carylie May 22, 2011
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She is a very good person. She loves to have second chances.when you get on lexias bad side your ass is good as got. Many people love her. She is sometimes weird but that makes her more funny. When lexia falls in love with you she will paste your name on everything. Get you an Alexia she will keep money that you may not know about.
These words are used to describe lexia
by Y0fav.lexiii November 30, 2017
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only a wrapping of a semantic volume, the crest line of the plural text, arranged like a berm of possible" is a unit of text that is used in starring.
This lexia contains a cultural code.
by polina.v.godz February 20, 2013
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