Don't listen to Alan he talks constant shite, he's a complete levitt
by Mr Martin March 27, 2019
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a boy that is immature like a little girl
that likes to hump other boys in large beds
wow! you humped that boy very levitt like!
by chipmunk333 August 10, 2008
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Anyone who lives or grew up in this sewer of a town, Levittown. The best part of Levittown is when you finally leave it.
Brittany is a perfect example of levitt trash, you know how many guys she blew behind the dumpster at Miller’s Ale House??
by FormerCarGuy November 25, 2020
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Harry Levitt is someone of a Godly figure and has a very large penis. So large that when he gets a boner he passes out.
Let us pray to Harry Levitt
by mr blobby123az October 16, 2011
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Beta cuck in his mid 30s who larps as a soyboy beta cuck on discord 24/7 (should really get a life)
Karen:"my son is such a loser all he does is sit on his computer all day and pretend to be a radical leftist"
Lauren: "ha sounds like a Dustin Levitt to me"
by DingDongDiddly July 2, 2020
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One of the best actors of recent years, and yet also one of the most underrated. The ultimate "Joe" movies include Mysterious Skin, Brick, and soon to be (500) Days of Summer.

Really hot, too, in my opinion.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brendan Frye: "No more of these informal chats! If you have a disciplinary issue with me, write me up or suspend me and I'll see you at the Parent-Teacher conference."

-From "Brick", 2005
by mysteriouskin May 9, 2009
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One of the decades finest young actors. Known for roles in 3rd Rock From The Sun, Mysterious Skin, 10 Things I Hate About You, Brick, (500) Days Of Summer and the recent Inception. He usually acts in independent films, but he's becoming more of a success. Although underrated, he's gradually making his way to blockbuster success. And better yet, he's not like other celebrities who pride themselves. He's honest and doesn't need to rely on image for attention, because it's his amazing talent that sets him up high. Personally, I find him to be very attractive, hot and handsome. He's an actor to watch out for. I am extremely proud to be a fan of his.
"Hey, did you see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception? I thought he was amazing".
"Yeah, he looked a thousand times sexy in his suit and combed hair".
by DreamArchitect November 8, 2010
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