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Any person that eats free leftover scraps of food no matter how disgusting it is.
Those cookies have been sitting in the muster room since yesterday, but that’s no problem for Matt B, he’s a fucking seagull.
by FormerCarGuy September 27, 2018

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Person who usually looks and smells like a pile of shit. They also have no problem shitting on other people especially co-workers.
Benzoni’s white t shirt is fucking yellow and stinks. He’s definitely the biggest shit bird in the 10th.

Benzoni was hit with a detail but like a total shit bird he cried and got out of it. Now another guy is getting fucked with that detail.
by FormerCarGuy September 29, 2018

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A person who hangs out or loves to frequent Gilgo Beach, NY or any other serial killer dumping ground.
Horner and Kramer are definitely Gilgo Creepers!

Horner always loves asking women if they like long walks on secluded beaches, typical of a Gilgo Creeper
by FormerCarGuy August 08, 2020

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