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Check out that bro's lettuce, mad flowsauce, bro.
by LIBR0 April 22, 2009
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Money, cash, scrilla, chedda, Benjamins, hunnids, paper, stacks, dinero, etc
I need more lettuce so I can buy some lettuce at the farmers market.
by Potus February 18, 2014
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Lettuce is another word for a (vagina) in the airport origin.
For example - you toss a girls salad or lettuce.
by Munch-Og_AP March 9, 2005
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why the fuck are you looking up lettuce you idiot you know damn well what lettuce is
Sharkeisha: Do you know what lettuce is?
Boqueefius: of course I do you witless numpty
by DearGodWhy April 9, 2017
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Giving/getting head.or dome.But only the best the freshest lettuce from the ground.
lettuce is commonly reffered to as a head of lettuce.therefore getting dome could be said as "yo that bitch gave me some sweet lettuce last night"
by Totaldewd December 1, 2010
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