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When you have a stupid moment and you can be classified as being a derp but your moment is just so much more queer.
Guy 1: Wait dude why arent we at the club?

Guy 2: Dude why are you lerping so bad.
by Damient November 10, 2013
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Form of the verb "Lerp". If you lerp, you are a LER. A LER is a female that looks like a male. She farts quite often and picks her nose in public. She has no desire for any sexual activity. She has never kissed anyone, except for perhaps a doll. People run away when the see a LER and are usually quite afraid of a LER. She is fat and ugly and has no friends.
Lauren- "Omg that girls such a creeper"
Elyse- "Ew I know! That's Lexie. She lerping!"
Lauren- "No wonder her parents put her up for adoption."
Elyse- "Doesn't she live at the zoo though?"
Lauren- "Yah that was the only place that would take her."
by pishposh97 November 04, 2011
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