The Most Wonderful girl in the world, ive loved her for a long time but she doesnt seem to get it...shes so great in every way!
I Love You "Leonora"
by Someone Who Cares January 22, 2004
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She's intelligent, Pretty asf, and so Perfect her boyfriend can be happy her Green eyes and Body is damn, i like it when she ist so mysterious and her hair are so pretty, all leonora's are really good at school she learn always, But she eating too much, but she Makes Sport so her body ist damn, All Boys love Leonora But Leonora don't Loves them she like Boys how Zayn Malik.
Gorgeous Women Leonora
by XItaliaBoyX January 3, 2017
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The most kewlest short little person I know !!
Leonora is SO KEWL!
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
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Leonora is amazing in bed like damn,she has a beautiful smile and she cares a lot about people , she has big boobs and an amazing booty, she is a blowjob queen, Leonora is really insecure when she doesn't trust the people but if you really know her she is confident and sexy af, Leonora looks like 17 but her real age are probably 14 -15 she is not the best at maths, when Leonora drinks she is an amazing dancer #twerker , Leonora can be an amazing girlfriend if she founds the right boy
Guy 1- dude Leonora is amazing in bed

Guy2- damn she is so hot I wanna bang her
Guy3- she is the best girlfriend ever

Guy1- she is so rough and hot in bed
by Sam_belon December 12, 2016
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My sexy girlfriend who is not that short or not that little, and i love her the way she is, she thinks i want her to have green eyes but shes yummy all the same. Your so sexy and beautiful. BTW Gophers suck ginger peubs
Leonora is so sexy and wants crust all over her, HAHA!
by Tom-Goose January 8, 2004
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She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She’s a flat chested, short Asian girl that is usually younger than you. Long dark hair that she always puts up in these cute hair styles. Long-ass acrylic nails that are fucking HUGE for her tiny baby hands, but they still cute. Couple rings on her fingers and a srunchie on her wrist. CAN NOT FORGET the glasses!!!! She looks like a panda without the black around the eyes without her glasses! Always slathering on Carmex every 5 seconds. She’s like every basic bitxh with her Uggs, white Hydroflask, and her liquid glitter case for her iPhone 6s+! If you do her wrong, she will go off on you! She is this buring ball of fucking sunshine and you will rarely see her cry. But when you do, you will do everything you can to try and make her feel better! She is the person you FaceTime when you are balling your eyes out and if she does the same to you, that means she trusts you... A CRAP TON!!!! She is bomb at taking selfies, I mean I’m next to one right now and all she’s doing is taking cute photos! Very short. She will take none of your BS if you are overreacting but she’ll still help you with it. She is like your own version of Kat Valentine from the show Victorious. Super short. She swears a lot but never says any real cus words. And if I didn’t make it clear enough, SHE IS FUCKING TINY AND ALL OF HER FRIENDS ARE SO MUCH TALLER THAN HER! And when someone in her group of friends finds someone shorter, THE WORLD MUST FUCKING KNOW!!!
“What’s that short, Asian girls name?”
“Leonora, how could you not know her name? She’s fuckin dope!”
by Yukitrotter March 25, 2019
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