Can use lemonade, going full lemonade, lemoned, lemonaded.

Eliminating or greatly harming the competition to your current partner. E.g. Partner (male or female) cheats on you, you take a baseball bat to the girl (or guy) s/he cheated with's car so that they will stay away. Implied that you might actually use the bat on the person who engaged with your partner.

Also, going full lemonade.
Used by: Tituss Burgess, Kimmy Schmidt, Beyoncé, Jimmy Fallon

First episode of season 3 of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt show
"I am doing what any reasonable person would do in this situation. I am lemonading."
by Findhini May 11, 2017
what one makes when life gives them lemons. what the hell else are you gonna do with them.
guy 1: "Man, why do I keep getting all these lemons?"

guy 2: "I don't know. You should make some lemonade though."
by Jon Zimmerman June 19, 2008
Why you have to cheat onBey jay z huh? Huh? Lemonade ass
by PrincessoftheSea May 2, 2016
A drink made from lemons.
"Lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is" - Guru (from Gang Starr)
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 28, 2005
The best JAY-Z diss record in history. Written by his wife.
If you ever Jay-Z me, I'm going to lemonade you.
Sounds fair enough.
by Thisdickaintfreeeee April 25, 2016