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when a lemon is thrown at a guy really hard and it hits them in their balls.
kid 1- Hey what happened to joe over there
kid 2- he just got lemoned
kid 1- oh lol sucks to suck
by the boy next store October 23, 2012
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Where you smoked so much fake weed yo stomach feel sour
Yo bro
I smoked the wrong shit
Nigga you lemoned
by LemonNigga101 February 04, 2016
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Verb (past tense): intentionally deceived into buying faulty or defective merchandise.
Bro #1: "Man, I picked up a streetwalker last night and "she" whipped out a piece of man-meat bigger than mine."

Bro #2: "Homie, you got lemoned by a tranny."

"I went to the flea market and bought a used computer, but it doesn't work and he shop disappeared the next weekend. I got lemoned!"
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by GrammarJunkie October 31, 2017
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