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A cute girl with a feisty attitude but you know deep down that you like it. She can probably beat you at sports but she's at the top of her game with a team. She's easily confused if you don't bluntly state something which allows you to change the subject. She has probably tried something you haven't but won't tell you till you ask.
"Hey Harleigh, I bet you didn't expect this."
She replies,"Expect what?"
by Roboman June 11, 2013
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A cool person, sometimes referred to as Harleigh Davidson (the motorbike).
Can be a female or male name.
Tom: Check out that girl
Jennifer: Yeah, she's a total harleigh!
Tom: O M GZ!1!!eleventyone!! I know. Totally!
by TRISHZ May 05, 2008
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A cute and funny girl with straight blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes that you would never miss. She could be short but she is always beautiful. She is good at most sports and would probably beat you. She also loves to sing and dance.
"Do you see that girl?"
"Yeah who is she because her eyes are beautiful!"
" That's Harleigh!"
by Songlover August 24, 2016
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