Used instead of lol; when you're too dank for lol
Lel. That was funny.
by Ireallydontknow January 20, 2017
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An abbreviation used by dank youngsters to express extreme joy. Laughing Extremely Loud
Dad: Hey son, what is Forrest Gump’s password?
Son: ...

Dad: 1Forrest1
Son: LEL
by CharlesBoyle September 30, 2018
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Can also mean 'laugh even louder', to be used after lol when another joke/funny anecdote is added.
Person 1: I stubbed my toe getting out of bed.
Person 2: lol
Person 1: Then I swore and my mum slapped the back of my head with a newspaper.
Person 2: lel
by Samantha2611 December 17, 2016
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Unlike thought by many, lel does not necessarily mean the same thing as lol. It can also be used to express indifference, excitement, disappointment or unwillingness to do something. The most important part here is the intonation that is used by the speaker and the facial and/or body language that is being expressed.
guy1: bro we totally gotta start working on our geography assignment, it's due tomorrow!
guy2: lel..

guy1: breh we almost out of ganja
guy2: lel..
guy1: lel..........

guy1: LEL I just passed my exam!
guy2: lel breh please don't remind me of it.. i totally lel'd it..
by Lythox October 22, 2015
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Kim: Wow today was so fun!
Ella: Yeah I know right?
Kim: Especially when Jimmy fell.
Ella: Lel, yes that was so funny.
by Draelle December 3, 2016
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Laughing Extremley Loud

Person 1: Omg I slipped on a banana peel yesterday

Person 2: LEL!!!!!
by TheRandomCow463 December 13, 2018
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Bob: look at this video of the Spoonkiller ,Lol.

Sammy: Lel
by boi_suckz_sandwiches_dude December 5, 2018
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