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Used instead of lol; when you're too dank for lol
Lel. That was funny.
by Ireallydontknow January 20, 2017
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Always in lower caps. Used when someone finds something derisory or pathetic. Its use depends on the mood of the user: the more bored they are, the more they'll be inclined to use it.

Pronunciation: lɛl
Etymology: lol, with the o replaced by an e. The reason is phonetic: lel, when pronounced, seems a bit more sarcastic.
A: I watched a censored porn movie last night
B: lel.

A: I + 2 = 3, and H - 2 = 5, (random bs that lasts for 2 pages) thus I + H = 2
B: lel, took me a while to realize you were trolling.
by Pat Power April 12, 2013
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Primarily the same definition as "lol", but simply for people who want to be different, and original.
Rowan: Hey, Douglas, Jack got run over today.

Douglas: lel

Rowan: Omg, Douglas, he's in a serious condition! He could die!

Douglas: lel
by Tavv November 06, 2013
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A variation of the abbreviation ' LOL ' or Laugh Out Loud. Normally used by internet trolls and 13 year olds, lel is neither an abbreviation nor an acronym, which is a common belief among mainly old people. lel does not mean ' laughing extremely loud ' or any other sort of abbreviation. It is simply a variation of the acronym LOL made by replacing the O with an E.
13 Y/O - "Like, Rawr!! lel X3"

Internet Troll - "lel, you're such a n00b. "

you - "What have we DONE"
by Internet user 1078324 April 15, 2017
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Low Explosive Limit. Explosive Limits The range of concentrations (% by volume in air) of a flammable gas or vapor that can result in an explosion from ignition in a confined space. Usually given as Upper and Lower Explosive Limits (see UEL and LEL).
The LEL meter was downstream of the methanol tank.
by Lynn Duffield January 25, 2005
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