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An unusually thoughtful and perceptive individual, Leightons have immeasurable patience and a kind of slightly awkward adorableness. If they could just own their awesomeness, the opposite sex would be tripping all over themselves for a chance with Leighton. Incredibly good with kids, crazy smart, very funny...but unfortunately doesn't like coffee. Leightons also talk a lot when you watch TV and movies, which could possibly be a dealbreaker. A good way to get over any resulting annoyance is to just get up and dance with Leighton, as Leighton's mad skills will win you back over for sure. But just when you think there can't be anything better than a Leighton, Leighton will say something sarcastic, like calling you an old woman, which will hurt your feelings but not really. And you'll realize Leighton really IS way up there on your list of awesome.
"This is my favorite movie, quit being such a Leighton!"

"That guy is such a Leighton, I wish he would just ask me out already instead of being so sure I'll say no!"
by PearlyWhiteSharkTeeth September 18, 2011
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A person, that posseses quite large genitals, usually a good body, not the biggest or best, but high up there is known as "Leighton".
That guy is a Leighton, quite big dont you say?
by vincebeam February 04, 2008
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A guy with a really terrible haircut. Gets girls by chance like it “just happened.” Has a very short temper, and when ticked off he tries to kick u but can’t because he is very weak. Rages easily over video games and sucks at them.
Leighton Sucks!!
by Upoefwupifjwvwpfvuij March 27, 2019
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very hot short but adorable he is rude when you first meet him but once he knows you they are the sweetest person you know
That guy over there... that’s a Leighton”
“Leighton asked you out! I’m so jealous
by Hotass420 December 04, 2017
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leighton is a really lazy boy he happens to eat alot of food like biscuits, chips and lollies. although at times leighton can be extremely cute cheeky and mischeivious he is a one of a kind little boy
leighton will grow up to be short and chubby little man
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A very adorable cute girl very guy is crushing on Leighton even though she doesn’t notice Leighton usually is a short blonde girl and knows how to make you laugh Leighton usually likes to talk a lot and is annoying but a good kind of annoying if you get to know or date Leighton it will be the best choice in your life Leighton has a very good body and knows how to rock it when she is playing sports that involve not much energy like golf or an occasional game of lacrosse overall you should find a leighton
Aww your so cute you look like a leighton
by Carrie pelagic January 21, 2018
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