1. An interlocking plastic building toy. Used by many people through out their childhood (usually boys).

2. An indigenous Australian word meaning "fight". It is pronounces leg-oh.
1. "hey man wanna come over and play with my lego? I made a cool space ship"

2. "Oi bra, you want to lego?"
by Slangmaster3000 February 07, 2008
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Those little bricks you cant stop STUBBING YOUR FUCKING TOE INTO!!!
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by FearOfDark February 15, 2019
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The colorful building blocks of life! "They hurt a little bit when you step on one" sarcastic. Also one of the most successful toy brands. They aren't cheap!
In 2011 everything will be made of LEGO. One brick at a time.
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by BRICK NINJA February 19, 2019
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Another word for weed, or someone who has weed on them. It can also be someone who is hiding his stash of weed into a lego box where no body will check or even suspect it would be there.
Damn, did you see Johnny's lego stash? That shit is dank.

Yo, you got the legos from the kid from school?
by mrlegomaster14 March 15, 2011
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Latin for "Select". Legos are people of enjoy free thought and do not stay bound to anyone's ideas but their own. They band together in the freedom of thought but do not always agree. Without Legos in society things slowly start to lose meaning.
Katie " I cant stand when people just accept whatever society tells them to."
Jake " Its too late for some of them, we can still be Legos."
by The unbounded thicket January 29, 2011
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Lego: Someone that feels really good to hug/hold. It doesn't matter what position you guys are in as long as you're touching, everything feels right with that person. You two fit together perfectly like lego's.
Example: Ryan and Lorie are hugging each other. Lorie says to Ryan; "you feel so good I want to hold you forever". Ryan replies with, "you're just like a lego I can snap onto".
by Latina_LLC September 18, 2009
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