little toy blocks that connect to one another to take shape of another object
look at my house, it is made with LEGOS.
by Sykey December 19, 2004
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Danish toys.

There are Legos in Denmark's hair. (If you understand this, I love you.)

Toys that hurt like hell to step on.
Norway: *gives Denmark a noogie*
Legos: *fall out of Denmark's hair*
Denmark: Yay.
Iceland: *steps on one* OH FU-
by Honda Kiku April 06, 2015
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The small plastic object seeking to destroy your foot, it will hide in any crevice necessary to complete its mission.
by Havvik February 22, 2019
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Lego- a slang term for let's go. Commonly used by Trey Songz.
Lego get a dutch so we can smoke
by Shay Dizzle December 28, 2010
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The world's best torture device. Spread on floor then make victim walk across barefoot
What if your mom comes in?

Don't worry, I left all my Lego in the hallway
by Awesome_e February 25, 2017
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LEGO is the best because it’s good for all different ages you can get all different types of LEGO like Star Wars,city,friends. And a whole lot more so u should go buy some because it’s really fun and u can create thing on your own with out instructions
LEGO is the best

Ye ik right
by African monkey October 14, 2019
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How Black people say "Lets Go."

The signature sound of Trey Songz in any song he is in.
Lego gets some fried chicken.
by kymasi January 16, 2011
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