Person 1: I step on Lego for years now so i put a stop to it.
Person 2: what did you do to put a stop to it?
Person 1: I made sure i had nothing to step on the Lego with
by DaSuperCoconut June 03, 2019
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I used to know a black guy who talked like this. He would say to a woman "Lego this way" and she would reply with something like "Lego of me!" I don't know why the guy left the letter t out of everything he said. He seemed like a nice guy.
You heard her, she said lego. Lego.
by Solid Mantis April 16, 2017
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What someone is asked after screaming in pain, often being the correct answer.
Chorgan: "OWW FUCK MY FOOT!"
Gregon Collerbin: "Lego?"
Chorgan: "Yeah.."
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A singular form of the noun 'Legos.' Legos are many interlocking bricks that are used to build many things, and the only limit is your imagination! Side effects of using Legos may include pain in feet, loss of Legos, Legos being eaten by small children or animals, or creations being destroyed by careless family or friends. Do not use Legos if you are drunk or have poor vision. Always pick up every single Lego you play with, as not following this safety rule may lead to side effects listed above.
Person 1 "Dude! I can't find one of my Legos!"
Person 2 "I'll help you look... I don't see - OW! Found it."
by Kitkatz77 March 23, 2016
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A company which makes the foot killer we love to day in 1962.
I stepped on a lego brick.
I got foot cancer after stepping on a lego brick.
via giphy
by Jswildman October 29, 2017
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