A fan-made religion based off the anime Hetalia, similar to Doitsuism, which worships the character Mathias Köhler, or Denmark.

Denmark is everything to a true Denmarkist- he is the reason the sun rises and sets, why the world turns, and the force behind every triumph of the human race.

He is the supreme lord of Scandinavian hottness- his gravity defying hair is the subject of mass worship.
His axe is unforgiving, and often smites non-believers, the haters of the Denmarkism religion.

Some common catchphrases used by Denmarkists include "I hope you step on a lego," "Danish class," and "When in doubt, Denmark it out."
Person 1: Denmark.

Denmarkist: *Squeals*

Person 1: What's with you?

Person 2: She must be into Denmarkism.

Denmarkist: When in doubt, Denmark it out.*runs off into the sunset on a wearing a cape with a Danish flag and throwing Legos everywhere*
by Ane December 9, 2013
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A magical utopia that American pundits like to point to.
Liberal: In Denmark they have an enormous welfare state, and they always score at the top of happiness surveys! So we should have a larger welfare state.

Conservative: The Danish have more free trade than we do, and they score at the top of happiness surveys! So we should have more free trade.

Liberal: We should create good public transportation, like Denmark has done!

Conservative: We should have a labor market as flexible as the Danish one!
by Oscar MacGorden April 11, 2012
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Where lego comes from!
Lets go to Denmark and see Legoland and knock down all the little lego houses when no-one is looking!
by legoman April 29, 2003
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A wonderland where students are payed to study - and pay half of it in tax
Ask a danish student about the "SU"...
by Bibliotekarstuderende February 17, 2004
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The country where you may drink when you're 16 (which means we drink from the age 13).
Teenager in Denmark: "Hey mom, can you buy me a bottle of vodka for tonight? - Oh right, I'm 16 now, I'll just do it myself"
by idaida April 20, 2009
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Home of the most beautiful women in the world.
Take a stroll down Strøget and you will see....
by Champ February 25, 2004
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Illest country on earth. If you don't believe me, go there, see all the tall, blond women and trus' me, you won't wanna come back ta America where all the fat chicks roam free, feeding on whatever their pudgy little hands can reach
Person 1: Yo I was in Denmark this summer
Person 2: Why the fuck did you come back
Person 3: I'm gay dude (can use "swedish" interchangebly with gay)
by SultanDenmark April 5, 2005
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