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You're not lit, you're not litty, you're legitty.

It's when you're above being lit and litty, your litness it so legit, it's legitty.
Dude: Wow, man, that jacket of yours is so legitty!
Boi: Are you high?
Dude: Nah, I'm just legitty.
by Macywtfrudoing April 07, 2017
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Combination of Legit and Titties.
Noun. Natural breasts, not implants.
Bob: No... Those can't be...

Jimmy: Yeah man. Those are some nice legitties.
by Whizzurd48 March 10, 2010
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A legit way of misspelling the word "legit"

Also a more legit way to say the word legit
note* if you use the word legitty, the below examples may happen to you :D

- "Dude you should see my gf, shes sooo hot"
- "legitty?"
- "yuss :D "

- "OH MAI GAWED!!! i just realized that i love you!"
- "like legitty?"
- "mmhmm :) "
by Mr.hellasexy ;) October 03, 2010
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When something is super legit or real . When something looks amazing
β€œDude bob. That car is legitty!!!
by ZACHERY SNYDER March 13, 2019
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