To advance in a completion so swiftly and unexpectedly that the opponent is caught off guard in disbelief that it happened
Lewis Hamilton passed all 4 cars ahead of him in the first lap of the race that they we all left for dead
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A game in which you and 3 friends can scream angrily at eachother while having mosh pits of zombies bite your faces. The AI Director can magically spawn thousands of zombies on you by using his magical control panel. He generally keeps it set on butt rape without lube.
Player1: I owned that witch!
Director: Let's drop 4 tanks on him...

Left 4 Dead
by wambulance December 28, 2009
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You and 3 other people fight off a zombie horde and try to make your way to safety. The zombies are like speedy Gonzales, but faster, so you'll probably die, very quick. You have to survive different places such as a hospital, farm, apartment building, subway, street and a airfield. yeah, left 4 dead has you kill zombies in a airfield. badass. Something also worth mentioning Is that Left 4 Dead has some tricky ninja-like bastard called the "A.I. Director" who watches your every move and decides whether and when you should die. You cannot kill the A.I. director, he's like a god or something. The A.I. Director spawns the zombies based on where you are, It's never the same. So If your getting a drink, or something, that prick will kill you off for shits and giggles. There Is also boss infected In the game, Such as The boomer, He's a fatass and likes to vomit on people. He also explodes, watch out for that. The Tank, imagine a army tank that grew arms and legs and tried to kill you and stuff... actually, that's pretty awesome when you think about It. The witch, She's a bitch. The hunter, He chills like a cool dude then leaps nine-thousand feet into the airs and land on you and after that follows a bunch of scratching or something that apparently Is very deadly as a billion gallons of blood splatters everywhere. The smoker, he has a quadtrillionbillionzilliongogzillfillion foot long tongue that grabs you. If you kill him he turns into a bunch of smoke... I'm done typing.
Left 4 Dead
by Mr. Kolak (X5R) October 25, 2008
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Left 4 Dead is a co-op first person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios, which was purchased by Valve during development. The game is set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic outbreak in Pennsylvania. There are four playable characters within the game:

Louis - a junior system's analyst at his company's IT department. PILLS HERE!

Bill - a former Green Beret (which explains the hat) and 'Nam vet. The leader of the group and has infinite knowledge of combat.

Francis - a tattoo covered biker who tends to be the one to save your ass whenever it's on the line for some reason.

Zoey - a college student and horror film enthusiast. She is the only female of the group which leads to weird moments.

Each campaign, the survivors begin with a M1911 Pistol, which has an unlimited amount of ammo; later on in the campaign, the player can require another pistol, which equals what? Dual pistols beeotch. The pistol is the only weapon you can use when you are incapacitated. Yeah, that really helps. Also when starting out, there will be a table with ammo, med kits, pipe bombs, molotov cocktails and the choice between a pump-action shotgun or an Uzi. Later on you can get more advanced weapons like an automatic shotgun, a hunting rifle, and an assault rifle.

These campaigns have names, No duh. In each campaign, the survivors have to get to a safe house or room, whatever. The goal is to get to an extraction point, where you will receive rescue albeit from an airplane, a boat, a helicopter, etc. Before being rescued, the A.I. Director, who controls when infected attack or not, will send a shitload of infected and special infected to fuck you up. This usually is bearable, as long as the team dumbass doesn't wander off.

Death Toll - a small town and countryside setting, culminating at a dock house.

No Mercy - an urban setting and hospital setting, culminating at a hospital skyscraper helipad.

Dead Air - an airport setting, culminating at the landing runway of the airport.

Blood Harvest - a farm setting, culminating at a farm house. This is the hardest campaign in the game, hands down.

People tend to mistake the enemies for zombies. They aren't zombies, they're infected, but hey, whatever floats you're boat.

Infected - a regular "zombie" or infected, whatever.

Horde - a huge ass group of infected, which are attracted to loud noises and bright lights. Which means DON'T shoot the fucking cars with alarms and DO throw the pipe bomb.

Special Infected:

Boomer - special infected who is fat and vomits all over you, which attracts a horde. Whenever you kill him, his fatass explodes, getting blood all over you.

Smoker - special infected who can be heard miles away because of his horrendous cough. His tongue is like a thousand feet long and tries to choke yo bitch ass with it. When killing this enemy, he just vanishes into smoke.

Hunter - special infected with a liking to blue hoodies. The hunter has a distinct shriek, and can jump high into the air and pounce your ass.

Witch - special infected who is a crazy ass bitch. You can tell whenever you are near her, because she is crying. DO NOT be so stupid to believe that she is human. If she is disturbed, she can incapacitate you with one hit. So don't fuck with her, unless you plan on killing her with one shot. What's more fucked up is that in L4D2, she will be able to walk.

Tank - special infected who appears to have taken way too much fucking steroids. He's about over 10 feet tall and always seems to be able to pull concrete out of the ground and throw it at you, even though you could be fighting him on grass, but he'll magically be able to pull concrete out of the ground. He can also punch your ass halfway across the map. You can't avoid him, so get an automatic weapon out and unload on his ass.
Zoey has disturbed the Witch

Players: Son of a bitch, who is playing as Zoey? YOU DUMBASS

Left 4 Dead
by Captain Samoa July 12, 2009
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Valve's latest installment, a zombie-fest based on the source engine.
Looks like possibly the greatest multiplayer action that we, as mortals, shall encounter.
It features whats called the "AI Director", which spawns the infected/zombies from different points on the map every time the game is played.

Many claim this game is actually sex in its video game form.
Left 4 Dead Dude 1: wtf that fat shit just threw up on me. thats fucking disgusting.
Left 4 Dead Dude 2: should of been watching your back noob.
by NecromancE September 19, 2008
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An EXTREMELY addicting horror/survival first-person shooting game for PC and Xbox 360.

The story revolves around a bikie outcast, a young girl, a war veteran, and an I.T programmer (known as the survivors, Louis, Bill, Francis, and Zoey) trying to get to safety, while being chased by a horde of zombies faster than Usain Bolt.
Zoey: shh, there's a witch. Lights off and be quiet...


Left 4 Dead
by I am Yu and he is Mi July 5, 2009
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Left 4 Dead is a game developed by Valve and projected on Steam. The main purpose of the game was to create friendships and cooperation . . . until the game came out.

Then the objective was to destroy the planet based on the pillars of the L4D friendship: shouting, rage-quitting, team kills, stealing all the equipment, abuse of mic, and griefing.

Left 4 Dead's first pillar of Shouting is mainly aimed at screaming and yelling at people you don't even know to eventually make them detest you. This is caused by being thrown up on by a boomer, pounced by a hunter, smoked by a smoker, awakening the witch, or being a noob and running towards the tank. It is expressed either by yelling the enemies name and the direction you are in of the closest person, without specifying that person.

E.g. 1: "Hunter! Hunter! Hunter! Hunter! Hunterhunterhunterhunterhunter! The the southwest direction of you!"

E.g. 2: "Tank tank tank tank tank tank tank tank tank! RUUUN! Noooooooooooo! F***ing noobcake! Freakin' weaksauce!"

Kicking usually becomes the result of example 2. Example 1 though is usually death.

Rage-quitting is the most effective pillar of L4D friendships. Usually done by a single person out of rage, a person rage quits for being a sore loser. Rage-quitting symptoms are expressed in the form of removing yourself in the server/game after a great loss. It is impossible to rage-quit in survival mode or campaign mode. The anger evoked in the remaining players can only be summed up by quoting a famous zombie: "GRAGAGAGARAGARGARARAGARAHHAHGATAGARAGFAGAHGARAAGGARAGAHAHAGTAGHAH!!!!"

There is a cure to destroying the rage-quit. Somehow play versus alone, which is impossible.

Team kills are usually the least of the most popular L4D friendship pillars. They involve attacking a team-mate. Usually performed by noobs and people with the auto-shotty on expert, team kills create a great atmosphere of realism in L4D. It cannot be turned off or avoided, but the downfall is that some people actually take the time to aim in L4D instead of shooting at anything that moves. This can be noticed in the credits of the finale as "Most Accurate Player", otherwise known as "The guy who used everyone as shields and picked off every zombie he could with the sniper".

Stealing all the equipment is the most annoying form of the L4D friendship pillar. It involves having the fastest PC or Xbox, and immediately after spawn, using up all the pills/medpacks to make sure no one else has one. To avoid this, don't be cheap and get a better computer. The best way of use is to use all your might to get past everything and eventually to the finale to eventually use everything and to throw and blow up all the pipe bombs and molotovs. It is very possible, but highly unlikely you will be rescued if you are down. Be prepared for rape from Hunter if done.

Abuse of mic is the most misunderstood pillar of L4D. It involves putting up blaringful music on the microphone during gameplay or pretending to be a 6 year old kid.

Which brings me to the last pillar, griefing is the use of two or all of the pillars together to create havoc. Another part of griefing not mentioned is to not only pretend to be a 6 year old kid, but to actually be one will destroy many friendships and you will most likely grow up as some new age emo kid. Griefing also involves suicide. Especially when you are the only one left and almost done with the level.

The pillars of L4D are what defines L4D itself. Without the pillars of friendship, L4D would be a very boring game with a bunch of useless people in it.
AIM chat

A1: DUDE! I just got Left 4 Dead! Now we can both play together :))))))))

A2 has left the chatroom
by boomerfail July 21, 2009
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