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To make someone stop talking without making it seem to obvious.
Jerry: I just pissed in your mums tea!
Tony: Shh!
by Largo November 29, 2003
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Second Hand High. When you are around people smoking weed, but you're not smoking it, you just inhale the smoke from them smoking. Therefore making you high or feel high.
Dude: That party last night was crazy. Everyone was smoking weed. I didn't smoke but I sure felt high.
Dude 2: Sure sign of SHH dude.
by VioletLemon July 07, 2010
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The krunkest school in funktown
shhs is a krunk ass school
by Gotti November 12, 2004
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Some gay school that Im attending right now.... I will prolly go sleep the rest of the day.
by Johnny Longhorn May 19, 2003
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a wonderful joke that makes everyone shut up and then you can laugh....and they wont
alex-hey danya, wanna hear a joke?
by alex!!!!!! May 03, 2008
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