To make someone stop talking without making it seem to obvious.
Jerry: I just pissed in your mums tea!
Tony: Shh!
by Largo November 30, 2003
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Someone telling someone to be quiet or to stop talking .
can you please be quiet , can you please "shh"
by beendhatttg September 25, 2019
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A way to say "shit" without swearing.
I can't belive this shh.

by dicesha April 24, 2008
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a wonderful joke that makes everyone shut up and then you can laugh....and they wont
alex-hey danya, wanna hear a joke?
by alex!!!!!! May 4, 2008
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this is a piss take of the NOSH lads from birmingham
even though these gals are actually cooler,,
simply a fun idea which has gotten them well known (:
"you know the NO-SHH girls?"
"oh yeah, they're fit"
by Myra23 November 18, 2008
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