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Leel is the highest form of elite. Elite is transformed into leet, leet is transformed into 1337, 1337 is transformed into 1331, and 1331 is then transformed into leel. When someone/something is labeled leel it is the greatest complement. Created by the gods, leel is the leelest word!
Teh Pwnzor: I just learned to fly and cured cancer.
Joe: Dude your leel.
by Leelguy June 17, 2008
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leel is a 2 "E'd" version of lel (laughing extremely loud)
Tim: I crashed the zoom meeting. now the teacher is mad...
Bill: leel bruh
by PerfectPilot January 29, 2021
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A word you use rather than small. It's just a leel bit smaller than small.
Trinity- "how are you feeling?"
William- "I'm just a leel bit tired."
by Gweee January 05, 2017
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Leel is basicly another term of "Lol'ing"
DaRk_NiGhT: WTF why did you run over me and my blue car!?!?
Nuky: LEEL, that was you???
by Nuky D August 16, 2006
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