a zoom meeting is an online meeting which is a useless way of communicating with your classmates and teachers that do nothing but torture and pressure you. also, it is more shittier than being in school irl since you get distracted easily and the teacher will call you out even when in a zoom meeting with all your classmates.
I hate zoom meetings, I hated it so much that I had to come up with an excuse to leave.
by sagiri izumi May 19, 2020
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When 3 or more people engage in sexual acts, while being sneaky and hiding it from anyone else.
“Adam and those two are definitely having a zoom meeting tonight. “

Adam: I have a zoom meeting tonight.
Sarah: But that’s after hours.

Adam: *Wink, Wink* This is with Dean and Jarrod only.

Sarah: Gotcha. Just be safe.
by ZombieManager April 5, 2022
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To meet for a video teleconference in the application "Zoom."
Which version is best, "Jessica and I will zoom meet in 1.5 hours," or "I will zoom meet Jessica in 1.5 hours"?
by but for April 2, 2021
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