Someone who is weird asf and isn’t afraid to show it. They listen to rock music and will express their love of heavy metal at any local talent show. They’re lowkey a horn dog, but can’t manage to get any. They’re kind of ugly but still have a good personality. They can get really pissed off about certain things and have the ability to do something about it, even if it is a plan they put together with their friends over FaceTime at 3 a.m. They have a large collection of something or other displayed in their bedroom, and they’re patriotic asf. They’ll always be there to listen to your problems, and won’t hesitate to pick the right side in a situation. Overall, they’re a good person to keep around, and can be a good person to vent to whenever you need to let off steam.
Lee: *walks through public school wearing a trench coat*
New Kid: Is he gonna shoot up the school or something?
Person: Nah, it’s just Lee, he’s always doing some weird shit
by ginger.child_ January 19, 2020
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Great sex , usually a great kisser , great at seducing
Me and lee made love last night and it was great
by Cornelium December 20, 2017
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A unit of measurement by comparing to a well known short person named Lee.
You look about 1.3 Lees'' - ''yeah i think im actually about 1.25 lees
by palmers people September 15, 2010
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Oh look, another Lee came in town to steal our jobs
by Ngneer July 31, 2019
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A fucking idiot.

A person who likes "part-time" relationships with the one girl, only when it suits him and makes him look good in front of friends. When they break up, Lee asks his ex's friends to go out with him as a rebound.

Friends have lost TREMENDOUS respect for Lee's girlfriend. Lee's put on charm has brainwashed her into thinking that Lee loves her when really, she just makes him look good infront of others. Friends can't wait to say "I told you so" when they break up for the 3rd time.
Lee is a try hard loser.
by sum1whoseesthetruth August 04, 2007
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If you have a boyfriend named lee then you are really lucky, you may not know that he has a humongous dick. He'd like to flirt alot and is really smooth with lines. If you know a friend named lee or have a lover named lee then YOU ARE VERY LUCKY!
by TheMagicianNeverLies January 15, 2021
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A popular English spelling for ì°, a common last name in China and Korea, and also Vietnam.

...also spelled Rhee,Ri, Yi, Lee in Korean.

...also spelled Li, Lee in Chinese.
...also spelled Ly in Vietnamese.
Lee is the second most common last name in China and Korea.

"Famous Lee": Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, Rhee Syngman, Yi Sun-shin, Yi-dynasty in Korea (Chosun), Li Guang, Li Shi ming, Li Bai (Poet), Li Wenyu, Li Pingxiang, etc...........
by J RO May 25, 2005
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