A lee is someone who laughs at your jokes. Lee's can have the same interests as you. Some Lee's favorite color is purple. Lee's are kind, sometimes like to socialize with people. Lee's can hate teachers in schools. Lee's can ask alot of questions sometimes. Lee's can get in fights with people alot. Lee's can be ASSHOLES sometimes. Lee's can be sassy. Lee's a good friend!
by ALEELEEXIS April 11, 2019
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Lee is a guy who tries his best in everything he does and never gives up. He is probably the hottest guy around but doesn’t think it. He is very romantic and constantly makes a girl blush. He plays it cool on the outside but his heart actually melts in the inside. He is a family guy and is full of love and joy.
be as goofy as Lee
by single&wannamingle May 17, 2019
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he is a sound lad. he always gose on about his "big dick" even tho most boys with this name have a 3 inch cock

most guys with this name are really nice guys, thay are funny and always make u smile

if u have someone with this name well there a true friend. keep him close
mum"where have u been?!"
jess" i was with my bestie lee"
mum"aww ok, hes really nice"
by top shager dylan February 25, 2019
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Oh look, another Lee came in town to steal our jobs
by Ngneer July 31, 2019
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A unit of measurement by comparing to a well known short person named Lee.
You look about 1.3 Lees'' - ''yeah i think im actually about 1.25 lees
by palmers people September 15, 2010
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very funny and intelligent person. constantly using sarcasm and likes to play along. you can never be serious around him. he likes to gang up on people with his manz and tend to have very short memory spand (not very good with names) so don't act surprised if u have to introduce yourself over and over again. good person to be around if you're having a bad day. he's a pretty awesome guy!
by the funny jew February 16, 2010
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